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Treatments for Chronic Pain

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Based on Dr George Hackett's protocol

In many cases, chronic pain stems from damaged ligaments and tendons. 

Prolotherapy involves a series of injections with hypertonic (concentrated) glucose into affected ligaments and tendons. 

The glucose is believed to stimulate a healing response, and over time, pain levels decrease and function returns.

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Perineural Injection Treatment (P.I.T.)

Based on Dr John Lyftogt's protocol

In other cases, pain stems from 'angry' or damaged nerves. 

Lyftogt P.I.T. involves a series of injections with 5% glucose, just under the skin. 

The glucose, at this particular concentration, is believed to calm 'angry' nerves, reducing or in some cases extinguishing pain.

Best of all? Glucose is entirely natural, hence side effects are minimal. 

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What is Prolotherapy?

Dr Margaret Taylor, GP based in Adelaide who has been practicing and teaching Prolotherapy techniques in Australia for over 25 years.

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What conditions do you treat?

We frequently treat patients with back pain, knee, shoulder pain or hip pain.

Specific conditions include: rotator cuff tendinopathy, hip 'bursitis', or chronic back pain. 

Nerve pain, which feels like a burning or shooting sensation, may respond well to Lyftogt Perineural Injection Treatment (see above). 

Generally, pain from ligaments, tendons and peripheral nerves (nerves further away from the spinal cord) respond to treatment. 

Other types of painful conditions not listed here may also respond to treatment. You will have to be assessed properly to determine if this is the case. 

Are there side effects?

Often, patients can expect to have more pain in the location treated for several days, up to 1 week. Thereafter, the pain is expected to improve on a daily basis. 

There may be bruising around the injection site. 

Adverse reactions are rare, as glucose is a naturally occurring substance in the body.

Local anaesthetic is sometimes used, which is a mainstay in medical practice for a long time and is generally well tolerated. 

What is a standard course of treatment like?

Most patients require anything between 4-6 treatments, on a weekly or fortnightly basis, depending on your pain condition. 

As such, we counsel patients to not expect instant results, but a gradual improvement in pain and function over the course of treatment. 

Often, your treatment protocol will have to be modified depending on your response to the treatment, as each person is unique and different. 

How can I start treatment?

You will have to first book in for an initial half hour consultation to assess your condition thoroughly. Reports, investigations and letters from your treating health professionals will be helpful. 

Call 03 5751 9900 to speak to our friendly staff, and they will assist you with your booking.

Thereafter, if you are suitable for the treatment, you will be scheduled for an initial course of treatment, over the next 1-3 months, depending on your condition. 

Is the treatment covered by Medicare?

During your course of treatment, the charge for each session is as follows:

For pension card holders, there is an out of pocket cost of $20, after receiving your medicare rebate. 

For everyone else, there is an out of pocket cost of $35. 

The treatment is affordable, as we believe it should be accessible to as many people as possible. 

Have a question that isn’t covered here? Have a chat with our staff on 03 5751 9900 or book an initial consultation to discuss your concern.

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About Us

As a GP, having seen many patients with debilitating chronic pain frustrated with conventional treatments, Dr James Wei*, embarked on a journey to seek out effective treatments to help his patients.

After completing training courses in Prolotherapy and Lyftogt Perineural Injection Treatment, and seeing positive results in his patients, Alpine Prolotherapy Clinic was established to meet the obvious need amongst people living with chronic pain. 



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